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Knowledge is Power especially when it comes to Mortgage Default. Giraffe Realty is 110% committed to helping consumers understand the mortgage default process to help them make the most informed decision. More than 50% of all defaults could have been avoided if the consumer would have had a better understanding of the default process and taken a more proactive approach to dealing with this unfortunate situation.

Giraffe Realty has developed a helpful infographic 

Giraffe Realty is focussed on helping consumers to avoid mortgage default by educating setting the new standard by working onin collections and defaults with the introduction of a new and innovative real estate program for secured lenders. Giraffe Realty’s Real Estate program will help to reduce the overall potential loss on a property to create a win-win for the consumer and debtor. Our new and innovative approach to handling the disposition of the property provides lenders, mortgage default insurers, lawyers and collection agencies with new and proactive solutions to mitigate default and creates a streamlined disposition process when default is unavoidable.  




Corporate Listing Program:  Giraffe Realty is able to offer customers in mortgage arrears a preferred listing rate commission and access to our group savings program to help them save time and money when selling their home.  


 Guaranteed Sale Program: This new an innovative program provides a guaranteed sale price and date to the consumer to provide a fast and easy disposition of the property. The guaranteed price helps reduce loss exposure for the debtor and the consumer.  



Corporate Listing Program:  Giraffe Realty offers debtors a streamlined and cost effective process for the disposition of secured real estate.


Guaranteed Sale Program: This program enables a debtor to receive a guaranteed sale price and date to provide a more timely and cost effective disposition solution for defaulted properties.